Enchanting little films for enquiring young minds
UKEUUSCAAURest of the world

Do you want to know...

  • Why fireworks were made
    with Bishops' wee-wee?

  • How to destroy a car
    without killing yourself?

  • Why the vicar is cautious of the clapper?

  • What the beekeeper
    does with his hives?

  • How you go about
    making a car?

  • How the artist
    chooses his paper?

  • What happens to your poo
    when it's flushed down the loo?

  • How a greasy fleece
    becomes fine knitwear?

  • Why the baker needs
    the ingredients he kneads?

  • Why wind energy
    is practically useless?

  • Why there are fish
    intestines in Dad's beer?

  • Why the glassblower
    needs a glory-hole?

  • Why potatoes
    need their sleep?

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