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Scrap Metal

The shortest of our films and the first one we ever made, but by far our most dramatic. With powerful imagery and a superb orchestral music track, this film is a really engaging watch, and, to be honest, just a little bit scary!

Watch in horror as dead and dying cars are torn apart like paper, and tossed high in the air by mechanical grabbers. Their cruel and powerful claws show no more mercy to their victims than a cat would show to a hapless mouse.

Alongside the cars in this graveyard of metalwork you will also see fridges, radiators, pipes, and washing machines - anything that can be melted down and recycled into something new.

With surrounding materials like woods and plastics stripped away, the old metal is dropped onto a conveyor belt. At its end, a powerful grinding and shredding machine tears the metal into thousands of shards. Hot and steaming from their experience in the shredder, the fragments emerge to be magnetically sorted.

As an iron-based metal, steel is known as 'ferrous', which means it can be picked up by magnets. This leaves behind the more precious non-magnetic, non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminium.

And so it is that the cars and fridges that we started with go towards building two great metal mountains - one ferrous, and the other non-ferrous. Massive digging machines cut the mountains down, and carry their loads to waiting trains; these will take the metal to foundries for further sorting and melting - maybe to make a coke can, a new car or washing machine.

Duration: 2:38

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