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Ice Cream

It is quite astonishing how many urban children out there do not know that Ice Cream (well, most of it) comes from cows. After a viewing of this film, they will be in no doubt!

To help them make our milk, the cows need lots of nourishment, and so we see them enjoying a nice snack of silage. Here, we learn that silage is summer grass that has been especially set aside for those all-important winter feeds.

The farmer escorts the cows along the muddy path to the milking parlour, where their udders must be carefully checked against disease or dirt before the suction equipment is popped on. Then, each cow's milk is measured in special jars before being sent to the cooling tank for temporary storage.

Once chilled, the milk is passed to the pasteurizer. By heating the milk to near boiling point, and then cooling it quickly, pasteurization kills any nasty germs that may be present, but without changing the milk's flavour.

The work of the ice-cream making machine itself comes next. Its job is to whip up a foam based on milk fat and sugar. The foam forms a matrix within which billions of microscopic ice crystals will form, each one in its own little pocket of fat.

Flavouring can then be added to the cream before the finished mixture is carried off to the freezer for setting. Brrrrr!

Then it's off to the shop, where our strawberry ice-cream joins all the other flavours, together making a symphony of taste and colour. And if you watch carefully at the end of the film, you might see a little boy commiting daylight robbery - he wanders off with a cornet of mint chocolate chip having forgotten to pay!!!

Duration: 4:52

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